June 10, 20195.00pm-9.00pm
Fingerprints AvailableAge: 21 & older

This state certified 16-hour class will teach you more than just the rules of concealed carry.  It also covers safety, firearm best practices, shooting skills, and what to do in many different situations.  Range Fees and a rental firearm are included in the cost of the course. When you leave our class you will not only feel safe, but also confident in your new skills.

Course topic overview:

  • How safely use and store a firearm
  • How to clean and maintain your firearm
  • How to pick out the right firearm for you
  • When and where you cannot carry
  • The importance of dry fire training and how to conduct it safely
  • How to defend yourself with and without using your firearm
  • The ILGA (Illinois General Assembly)
  • The ILCS (Illinois Compiled Statute)
  • The definition of ‘great bodily harm’ and what that means to you
  • Situational awareness to prevent using deadly force
  • Much, much more.